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Don DuRousseau is Founder and CEO of Human Bionics LLC (HB), a neurotechnology company specializing in physiological-based systems that measure and gauge complex cognitive, behavioral, and autonomic processes. Mr. DuRousseau is an internationally recognized neuroethicist, neurotechnology developer, and entrepreneur with twenty years experience designing realtime systems that respond to the electrical activity of the brain and body. Educated at The University of California, Don earned a bachelors degree in Neurobiology where he majored in neuromuscular systems. After ten years of practical experience, he earned an Executive MBA in International Business from George Washington University, while managing a multi-million dollar Neurotechnology Company. In 2000, Don started Human Bionics with proceeds from the sale of a neuroimaging patent and other Intellectual Properties. DARPA and NIH have funded HB over the last 6 years to develop signal processing and brain-computer-interface systems for research and military applications. Recently, HB won an award from DHS to research and develop a Readiness Optimization Program to reduce stress and improve sleep and cognitive performance of First Responders, including Federal Agents, Firefighters, and Police Officers. As an extension of the Wellness Program, Don has opened a Clinical Services Company, name PEAK Neurotraining Solutions, Inc. (PEAK NT) to transition the neurotechnologies and methods developed by HB into the private sector. In practice, PEAK NT provides brain-computer training technologies for optimizing the mental and physical status of First Responders as well as those persons suffering from conditions that negatively affect cognitive function, like ADD/ADHD, Autism, and Learning Disabilities. Additionally, PEAK NT provides cognitive rehabilitation therapies for those suffering from Head Injury, Stroke, and conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. PEAK NT utilizes science-based quantitative electroencephalography (EEG) and clinical neurotraining services, which complement the Company’s Integrative Nutrition practice to deliver an individualized Wellness Program for each and every patient. Don has extensive basic and applied brain research experience in the neurodiagnostic industry and, since starting HB and PEAK NT, has spent the last 3 years developing and testing the PEAK NT Wellness Program prior to making it available to the public. Don’s future interests lie in advancing the mental health field by expanding the development and use of neurotechnologies for the optimization of mental and physical functions.

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