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Dr. Felder is Associate Director of Clinical Chemistry, the former Director of the Medical Automation Research Center, and a Professor of Pathology at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia. His affiliation with professional organizations included: Past President and Founder of the Association for Laboratory Automation and Founding Editor of its journal, Fellow of the Council for High Blood Pressure Research (a council of the American Heart Association), and a Fellow of the National Association for Clinical Biochemists. Dr. Felder has published over 260 research papers, has been awarded 12 patents, has presented over 140 lectures in 15 countries (in four languages). He has received numerous awards including the International Engelberger Award for Robotics in 2009, the Research Award by the National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry and American Association for Clinical Chemistry in 2010, and one of his inventions was named a Top 10 technology by The Scientist for 2009.

Business Background:
In addition to his academic career, Dr. Felder has co-founded 9 private ventures spun out from the University of Virginia, including,,>, ,, , BioPhile, Inc., Ibetics, LLC, and Medical Robotics, LLC.

Disclosure: Robin A. Felder, PhD has disclosed that the following companies have been influenced by the speaker’s interests and opinions and have provided, honoraria, or grant support (or are anticipating giving grant support) for his continued activities: Abbott ,Acuity, Affymetrix, American Association for Clinical Chemistry, AMDEC, Association for Lab Automation, Bayer, Beckman, BDC, Becton Dickinson, BIOPHILE, Inc. (Chair, SAB; shareholder), Boehringer Mannheim, BSI proteomics (Scientific Advisor), Carilion Biomedical Institute, CCRI (Lake Arrowhead, California), CRS (Toronto, Canada), Chiron, Ciba Corning, Columbia HCA, Coulter/IDS, Dade, DuPont, Enterprise Analysis Corporation, Genesis Therapeutics, Inc. (SAB), Genetics Diagnostics Inc. (SAB), Gilson, GDI, Global Cell Solutions, Guidance Interactive Technology, Helpmate Robotics Incorporated, Home Guardian (principal shareholder), Hybritech, Hypogen (principal shareholder), Ibetics, LLC, Inova Health System, J&J Clinical Diagnostics, Linear Drives, MAS, MDS Health Group Limited, Medical Systmes, SpA, NextStar, Organon Tecknika, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Packard Instruments, Pevco, Sagian, Serologicals/Chemicon, Tecan, Trillium (Grafrath, Germany), and Ventana.

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A Brave New World in Diagnostics: Disruptive Ideas that Just Might Come True

Learning Objectives for the Panel Presentation
MODERATOR:  Robin A. Felder, PhD

After attending this activity, the participant will demonstrate the ability to:
1.      [MORE]

MUSING – The Medical Home at Home

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Telemedicine has been defined as the technology version of the “Dr. Marcus Welby house call” but replaced with a [MORE]

Telehomecare How-to Review

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Artificial Intelligence, Medical Robotics and Medical Automation Education

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Clinical Laboratory Links

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Clinical Laboratory Links

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The recent launch of ShopKick iPhone app (application) allows stores to know when you ( a potential customer) has arrived [MORE]

Wireless Health Conference 2010, October 4 -7, San Diego

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Wireless Conference
The new technologies and new business models that are emerging from the convergence of wireless communications and life sciences [MORE]

Medical Automation Books

July 30, 2010 | | Posted in Publications,Resources

Alwan M, Felder RA (Eds.).  Eldercare Technology for Clinical Practitioners, Humana Press, Totowa, NJ, USA,, 2008. ISBN 978-1-58829-898-0

Felder RA,  [MORE]

Self-Balancing Centrifuge Rotor

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In a clinical laboratory, loading specimens into a centrifuge can be time consuming because different quantities have to be [MORE]

Laboratory Automation – Opportunity for More Efficiency

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Robin Felder, PhD
Robin Felder, PhD writing for The Dark Daily, talks about the current state of lab automation and the [MORE]

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Invisible Health Risks on a Grandiose Scale
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Medication Kiosk – PharmaTrust
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7th Annual International Laboratory Automation Conference

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Masahide Sasaki, M.D
On April 15-17, 2010, the International Conference of Clinical Laboratory Automation and Robotics, also call “Cherry Blossom Sympositum“, [MORE]