Pierangelo Bonini's bio:

Degree in Medicine and Surgery (1963) summa cum laude. Assistant Deputy Director and then Director in the clinical laboratory of the University of Padova and Hospital of Aosta between 1968 and 1981. Since May 1st, 1981: Director of the Department of Laboratory Medicine, Scientific Institute San Raffaele - Milano and Contract-Professor of Clinical Biochemistry at the State University of Milano, School of Medicine 1993-1999 Scientific Director for Clinical Research of the Scientific Institute San Raffaele Milano.

Since November 1st 2000: Professor of Clinical Biochemistry at the School of Medicine, University San Raffaele Milano and Director of the Department of the Laboratory Medicine San Raffaele Institute Milano Since December 2001: Scientific Director of CESREM - San Raffaele Study Center for Risk of Errors in Medicine.

Prof. Bonini has published some 80 papers in various areas of laboratory automation and hospital organization with special interest to the area of medical automation technologies. He has been invited speaker at many Italian and international congresses on the same topics.

Disclosure: Pierangelo Bonini, MD. PhD is a consultant and receives honoraria from Abbott Diagnostics Chicago and Diagnostica e Ricerca San Raffaele S.p.A. Milano.

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